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Building Your Team

Working alone is not as fun as working with co-founders, and research tells us that it is not as successful either. So let’s find you some co-founders to share the journey with!

Go to the Role tab for your project and create roles that you need within your team. If you want to take over the technical side as CTO, you might need a CEO or a CPO, if you need strong skills on the product side. Not everyone has to be a C-Suite executive. You can add other roles that are critical to building a winning co-founder team. This setup will be different, depending on what your project is - we will shortly write some blog posts on what we recommend.

Creating a Role

You first need to create a co-founder role for them. Click the Create Role button to start the process.

Project Roles

You will be presented with a form on which you must provide a few pieces of information in order to create the role:

  • Role Category: In which area of the business will the person who fills this role work?
  • Role: What is the primary role they will be fulfilling?
  • Required Skills: What are the main skills that they will need?
  • Role Description: In your own words, what are you after from the person who will fill this role?
  • Compensation: In many cases there will not be compensation, but if you are offering a salary you can put some details here.

Create Role

Your new role is added when you press Create Role and you will automaticaly redirect to the Roles page where you can view all open roles.

Filling the Role

To make it easier for you and your team to fill the roles, we provide you with multiple options.

  1. If you know whom you'd like to add on your team, use the Invite Options from the Open Roles
  • Invite Foundance members using their username
  • Invite people using their emaill address
  1. If you don't yet have a candidate, share the open role link so that more people find out about the vacancy.

In the Roles table, you will see a Candidates column giving you a high level view of whether there has been interest in your project. When you open the role, by clicking the View Role button, you are able to see the profiles of those you have invited, of those who have applied, and suggestions of Foundance Community members who match the profile you are looking for. If your project is enrolled to an event, the list of matching profiles we propose is from the event participants.

View Applicant

Once you get some candidates, don't let them wait. Chat with them, see if they are match and approve or reject their candidacy.