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Welcome 👋

We are so happy you are here! Welcome to Foundance - The Fastest Growing Community for Hackers and Hackathons. We have built a social network for entrpreneurs, builders, advisors and hackers where ideas can be shared and brought to life, then we help them thrive with our built-in smart contract cofounder agreements.

You are in the right place if:

  • You have an idea and you want to utilise the power of a global network to help you get it built
  • You have the entrepreneurial spirit and you want to get in on the ground floor of a porject as a co-founder
  • You have the experience and expertise and you want to help ideas reach tier full potential
  • You have skills that you want to share and you want to do so as part of a Web3 economy
  • You just love building at the cutting edge

Some of the benefits of using Foundance are:

  • You are a truly global group of builders building across borders
  • We help you meet each other and form winning teams
  • We help you shape your idea into a viable business through tools and our advisor network
  • You can create an onchaon agreement early in the process to protect your interests and fairly reward founders and contributors

You can read more about Foundance on our website

In these pages we will explain more about Foundance and guide you how to interact with platform.

We want to enable everybody to bootstrap their business, bringing their ideas to life - starting projects and finding teammates with as little money as possible! Accelerating you from Idea to Product with as little friction as possible, and de-risking your future.