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Complete your Project

Congratulations you are on your way to making your Project a reality. If you came from the previous step, you are looking at your newly minted project right now, but you can also find it by clicking on My Projects in the left hand navigation.

My Projects


If you are a member of multiple projects you can use the Sort control or Search box to help you find the project that you want to update


At this point in time only the Creator or an Admin of a Project can update it

Project Details

The first thing that anyone sees in our listings are your Project Name & Logo and if they click through to look deeper, your banner. You can upload new images at any time by clicking on the + icon. if you don't yet have a logo, you can generate one with our AI tool.


For the banner we recommend image dimensions of 1200x200
For the logo we recommend image dimensions of 512x512

Project Details & Description

By clicking the Edit Section which sits near your Project name you can enter some high level details about your Project. This will aid increase its discoverability. WIthin the section, you will find:

  • Project Name → (prefilled) Your project name
  • Short Description → The short description you entered when creating your Project. This appears on the search/browse screens
  • Category → Select from a dropdown menu
  • Blockchain → Select intended network from a dropdown menu
  • Social links → Website, Linkedin, Discord, Telegram, Github, Twitter

Any changes that you make here can be saved using the Save Changes button.

To provide a deeper description of what the project is about, use the Project Description section.


If your project does not have a description filled out it will not appear in any lists or searches. Hence, we highly recommend you provide a description.

Project Media

Over time, you will produce video materials for your Project. Use the media section to add links to those videos and have them rendered onto your Project page in Foundance.


At the minute only YouTube videos can be added. You simply need to paste a link in the format

Project Files

All the Project artefacts can be uploaded here. We know for a fact you will need at least a Business Plan and a Pitch Deck.

Business Plan

Simply put, a business plan is how you document your venture's goals and how you intend to achieve them. Business plans are or great benefit for startups, as well for well-established companies. For startups, a business plan can be essential for winning over potential co-founders and investors.

We will discuss in a blog post the best structure of a Business Plan.


If you don't know where to start, you can use our Generate with AI tool to draft the first version of your Business Plan