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Create a Project

To create a project from the projects dashboard click the Create Project button.

create a project

Foundance will do it's best to help you through the process of setting up your project - all that you need to get started is a few words describing your project. In Box (1) enter the description and select the category that best matches the industry you will be working in.

Enter a description

If you already have a name for your Project you can type it into the Project Name field, however if you would like some inspiration click the generate with AI button, wait a few moments, and see what we can come up with matching your description. A list will be displayed beneath the Project Name field, simply click one to select it.

Once you have a name, you'll want a logo to make your Project stand out. Again, you can either upload something that you have already created by clicking on the + symbol under the Project Logo heading or click the generate with AI and in a few seconds the logo field will be populated with a logo generated by us.

Name and Logo

Go go go

That's it, step 4, click the Create Project button and you are on your way!

Create Project